Readiness Curriculum

Education is more than the study of subjects. It’s a set of life skills that’s essential to the development of an individual and often determines one’s level of success. CornerFocus has launched an educational curriculum dedicated to enlightening underprivileged youths in learning and expanding their knowledge of essential skills needed for their future. This curriculum includes: Financial Literacy, Goal Setting, Fitness & Nutrition and Conflict Resolution. Each of these courses are categorized based upon age groups 14 and under or 14 and over. Each module is taught by an expert in the field with live interactive dialogue. Students will receive handbooks, worksheets and quizzes during the duration of this 4–8 week course.

We chose these subjects based upon expert’s suggestions that having a basic understanding of these areas are the building blocks for a successful future. Without this knowledge it’s easy to develop “bad habits” making it difficult to grasp these skills once adulthood is reached.

Why Financial Literacy?

Financial illiteracy is more common among low-income residents where education is sub-par. This creates a cycle of poverty due to youths becoming adults falling victim to scams, high interest rate loans and increasing debts making them likely to become dependent on government assistance. Our Financial Literacy curriculum teaches how to avoid financial pitfalls through learning credit management, effective banking, money management, income taxes, interest rates and more!

Youth fist bump resolving conflict

Why Goal Setting?

Defining goals keeps you focused on what’s important. Being a youth in an underprivileged area it’s easy to get distracted by negative influences. Our goal setting curriculum teaches adolescents to stay focused on what they wish to accomplish and how to set goals to reach those accomplishments. This is done through module topics such as identifying goal types, SMART goal components, accountability, analysis and more!

Youth playing basketball
Youth in school

Why Conflict Resolution?

Throughout one’s lifetime conflicts are sure to arise. Often hardships come about earlier in underprivileged neighborhoods. Learning to deal with disagreements in a respectful, rational and calm manner early in life is important and can affect everything from personal relationships to academic performance and eventually one’s career. Conflict resolution is critical for healthy childhood development. Our curriculum covers topics including steps to identifying the problems within a conflict, improving emotional intelligence and developing interpersonal skills along with additional material.

Youth goal planning

Why Fitness & Nutrition?

Youths with lower socioeconomic status often are not taught the importance of fitness and nutrition and how it affects one’s life long-term. These children are often victims of non-healthy eating habits that lead to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other health issues. This course touches on topics such as progressive overloading, diet intake, exercising, nutritional needs and more!

Our educational curriculum is geared towards developing the life skills needed for future generations to achieve and maintain success throughout ones lifetime.

  • Prepare: Education is the primary tool to lift the cycle of poverty. Preparing youth with the skills to manage their physical and mental health, conflict, and finances is key to a successful future.
  • Protect: Youth sports programs instill confidence, discipline, and self-respect if done safely. Protective equipment and injury education are essential to building these skills in a safe environment.
  • Perform: Youth who perform in athletics have increased cognitive skills, increased academic performance, and are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college.

Your financial support will build the skills and confidence to help break the cycles of poverty and street violence.