Our Impact

The youth of our urban centers often lack a safe environment to have fun, grow, and stay off the street. Community youth sports programs provide the skills, confidence, and discipline that results in a better quality of life.

Youth sports programs:

  • Instill confidence, self-respect, and teamwork
  • Teach critical thinking
  • Provide nutrition education to help fight childhood obesity
  • Inspire strong work ethics, self-discipline, and motivation
Teen with a punching bag

Children Helped

Hand Wraps

Pieces of Safety Gear

Mouth Guards

Pairs of Gloves

Groin Protectors

Pieces of Head Gear

Youth kicking a soccer ball

Physical and Mental Health

Holistic health requires both physical and mental strength. Poor mental health can increase the risk of many physical problems, particularly diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Incorporating a balanced health routine at a young age sets the stage for maintaining a healthy lifestyle into adulthood.

Frequently, at-risk youth do not believe that positive experiences are possible for them. The experience of negative parenting, exposure to drug abuse, homelessness, and violence at an early age is not uncommon. Developing a holistic perspective is critical to avoiding or combating these negative experiences, and build the confidence needed for a successful future.

Kids are in the streets trying to do something bad and boxing can pull them in, get them out of that trouble, and give them a better life.

Kahlil Harvey Jr.

Age 13, winner of 10 Amateur Championships

Conflict Management

While learning athletic skills, it is crucial that youth are taught healthy conflict management to avoid violence. Our educational program teaches critical thinking, empathy, and how to make choices that lead to positive outcomes. These skills mold the future of the individual, and their community as a whole.

Safety Equipment

Using the right protective gear is critical for preventing or reducing serious injury. Training equipment such as headgear and pads are essential, and allows athletes to safely hone their precision, speed, and stamina. These tools allow the next generation to begin their careers with the knowledge to prevent Traumatic Brain Injury.

Skills and Confidence

Many individuals credit their success to a healthy sense of self and having the confidence needed to accomplish their goals. Confidence is built on choices and accomplishments that feed passion and instill pride.


Education is the primary tool to lift one out of poverty, avoid violence, teen parenthood, and gang affiliation. We offer curriculum that covers topics such as financial literacy, conflict management, goal setting, nutrition, and more.

Fees and Dues

Many families cannot afford membership dues and competition fees associated with participating in sports programs. We assist at-risk communities with funding to cover these costs passed on to the youth.

Boy Running in Baseball

North Miami Police Athletic League
Working with the Mayor, Police Chief, and Officers, we provided safety equipment and grants for Miami youth athletes.

Curtis Hunt and a group of youth athletes
Check being presented to the Miami Police Athletic League
Safety equipment laying out on table

Las Vegas Center Ring Boxing
Providing safety equipment and grants to the Center Ring Boxing in North Las Vegas.

Group of youth athletes
Table full of safety equipment
Youth boxer in a fighting stance

Umar Boxing Club
Providing safety equipment and grants to the Umar Boxing Club’s “No Hooks Before Books” program with the Mayor of Baltimore.

Youth boxers in the ring
Safety equipment sitting on a table
Umar No Hooks Before Books Group Photo

Tony Harrison’s SuperBad Boxing Gym
Providing safety equipment and grants to Tony Harrison’s SuperBad Boxing Gym.

Group of youth athletes and Tony Harrison's SuperBad Gym
Safety equipment on a table
Youth athletes posing at Tony Harrison's SuperBad Gym

City of Benton Harbor
Providing safety equipment with the Mayor of Benton Harbor and honoring local youth athlete’s accomplishments.

Posing with the major
Donating gloves to a local youth athlete
Benton Harbor city officials

Richard Steel Foundation “Fight Obesity”
Providing safety equipment with the Mayor at the Richard Steel Foundation “Fight Obesity” event.

Richard Steel Foundation Fight Obesity Event posing
Two youth athletes sitting in a boxing ring
Doug Ward VP of Title Boxing

Freeport Police Athletic League
Providing safety equipment to youth athletes at the Freeport Police Athletic League.

Freeport Police Athletic League group photo
Boxing Gloves
Youth athlete receiving equipment

Las Vegas City Boxing Club
With sportcaster Al Bernstein, we provided safety equipment and grants for the City Boxing Club and awarded Coach Larry Wade and Armin Van Damme the Crystal awards. Counselman Cedric Crear was in attendance to name December, 15 “Larry Wade Day”. 

Coach Larry Wilson and friends
Las Vegas City Boxing Gym Presentation of Checks
Coach Larry Wade Awards Group Photo

  • Prepare: Education is the primary tool to lift the cycle of poverty. Preparing youth with the skills to manage their physical and mental health, conflict, and finances is key to a successful future.
  • Protect: Youth sports programs instill confidence, discipline, and self-respect if done safely. Protective equipment and injury education are essential to building these skills in a safe environment.
  • Perform: Youth who perform in athletics have increased cognitive skills, increased academic performance, and are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college.

Your financial support will build the skills and confidence to help break the cycles of poverty and street violence.